Summertime Soul Food Suppers: Home Slice Style

  The food we ate at home was great on the big holidays of fall, winter and spring, and any given Sunday. But, food taste best to me in the summertime. I like food cooked outdoors in the open air: the live fire and smoke enhanced the flavor and the blow of the heat was […]

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Stefanie Kelly on the virtues of turmeric and food people like Craig Claiborne

craig claiborne. turmeric.  substance as style… ahhh LA… that bastion of sincerity/craftsmanship… in the late ’80’s, i was a waitress there. 19? 18?  this was during my child bride years, &… concurrent w/our residence @ the nudist resort. anywhoo!!! i digress. i call this period sleeping white tigress/kundalini/qi slumber, a period of non awareness w/the […]

ALT Launches with Peter Kimani’s A Kiss in the Dark

The most important deal a business person will ever close is her first no matter whether you’re a shopkeeper, a restaurant, or in the business of publishing, book and author development such as me. My firm is called Adero’s Literary Tribe/ALT, launched this Summer. Our first accomplishment is a publication deal for Peter Kimani, a […]

NEGRITA: an excerpt of a memoir by Anita Diggs

By the time I was sixteen years old, I had been thrown out of two different high schools for truancy. I decided not to try school again but vowed to get my GED someday. In my mother’s house, you either worked or went to school. So, I got a job as a McDonalds cashier on […]

Salt, from a memoir by Milton Washington

Rarely did I wake before the rooster’s crow. But on that particular morning my eyes opened at least an hour before sunrise as my mother lay fast asleep next to me on the clay floor of our village home. It wasn’t a bad dream or the bitter South Korean cold that woke me, but rather, […]

Are Dreams More Important to African Americans? by Kristal Brent Zook

Every chance I get, I pull a neurobiologist or psychologist aside and compel him or her to tell me about the latest research on dreams and dreaming. The topic fascinates me. Not long ago I cornered Dr. Loma Flowers, psychiatrist and founder of Equilibrium Dynamics in San Francisco, into a phone interview. Dr. Flowers once […]

photo by Amos Rice

Outside the Tin Palace: A photograph, 1976 by Patricia Spears Jones

Outside the Tin Palace: A photograph, 1976 This exploration of the 1970s started with a photograph—a way into memory or mystery.  I can’t remember why we gathered.  I do remember that I was still dating Victor so very handsome, my second Afro-Puerto Rican boyfriend.  He introduced me to Salsa, and published my David Murray poem […]

Blood on E. 5th Street, from Autobiography of the Lower East Side by Rashidah Ismaili

  “This well established poet makes a brilliant debut in fiction with these complex, poetically detailed, interrelated stories of Blacks from Africa, the Caribbean and the USA who converge and form an artistic community in the early 1960s in the most easterly regions of Alphabet City .” –David Henderson, author of ‘Scuse Me While I […]

Snapper: short fiction by Irenosen Okojie

Snapper by Irenosen Okojie   I’m scooping up a broken map of fish bones from my soup when you say “It’s great, honestly, you should see the craftsmanship on this thing! And God knows how old it is.” We’re sitting in Lazzaria restaurant, complete with dim lighting, cabaret style setting, deep red velvet curtains and […]

Chef Stefanie Kelly's blog

Stefanie Kelly: Chef Interrupted, Bringing it Back, & What Does Soul Food Mean to You?

  Home Slice resident food scribe returns with great recipes, deep insight and self-rescue missions. Make the food and reflect on what thoughts and feelings of a 21st Century conjure woman.    “we eat everything. & everything eats us,” i solemnly intoned while my grrrrrl the Siren squealed in pure disgust.   let’s ask @ […]

New Moon, New You: Reading the Signs

This New Moon Today is a good day to renew—you watchers of astrology know. August 25, 2014 is a new moon and in Virgo. New moons signal a time to launch new thoughts, actions, and feeling. The Virgo energy suggests that I’m on the right course in cleaning my closets, clearing out clutter and re-ordering […]

Telling Time: Morowa Yejide, author of Time of the Locust

                            I’m an explorer of the wonders of human behavior. If the world was comprised of five doors that read “Who, What, Where, When, and Why,” I would walk through the door that reads “Why.” My fictional family in Time of the […]

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A Reader’s Guide: A Black Woman Did That

  A Black Woman Did That, my book about women who have broken barriers, raised the bar in business, art, politics, activism, and leadership to celebrate the brilliance of Black women and inspire all of us to do the great things and solve the big problems we imagine. I’ve been gratified by the response to […]

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Literary Life in a Pandemic

A Word from the Publisher  Six years ago, I was laid off from a job that came with a six-figure salary, 401K, bonuses, health insurance—all of the things my father told me to I needed. What I liked best about the gig is that has allowed me to work in my chosen field, book publishing […]

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What About Us? A Letter from America’s Children by Ron Harris

  Ron Harris is a journalist, adjunct professor at Howard University and co-author with Matt Horace, law enforcement and security contributor to CNN and the Wall Street Journal of   The Black and The Blue, A Cop Reveals Crimes, Racism and Injustice in America’s Law Enforcement (Hachette Books) on sale August 2018.     Dear U.S. Media, […]

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My Heart Belongs to Santiago de Cuba

    Havana is a sprawling city by the sea with cultural institutions and happenings to keep a visitor busy for weeks if not more. But, don’t miss out on other towns and villages across the Caribbean’s largest island. I’ve travelled twice by road from Havana east by road, ending up in Santiago de Cuba, its […]

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Everybody Wants to go to Havana: Cuba Journal 2017, part 1

Everybody wants to go to Cuba. And, there dozens of reasons why we would. The island nation has blue waters, golden beaches, lush green mountains and a rich cultural heritage. The music and dance of Cuba alone has long been one of its biggest exports around the world. I took a trip there this Fall, […]

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Summertime Soul Food Suppers: Home Slice Style

  The food we ate at home was great on the big holidays of fall, winter and spring, and any given Sunday. But, food taste best to me in the summertime. I like food cooked outdoors in the open air: the live fire and smoke enhanced the flavor and the blow of the heat was […]

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My Sewing Machine by Opal Palmer Adisa

  as long as i can remember i’ve always stitched cloth into the dreams people manage   after the earthquake hopelessness captured me like a body-bag husband missing but my machine survived   people bring cloth my fingers stitch scraps into newness I’ve been sewing since I was nine years old, maybe even younger.  I […]

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Big Easy Sojourns & Gumbo Delicious Eats

Gumbo has one million moving parts, as does my grrrl, MacDiva. A few words on Gumbo, & my New Orleans sojourn: briefly interned @ mr B’s, where they eclipsed every other grill i had ever worked: as their grill person, i built a wood fire from scratch daily.  New Orleans restored my faith in southern […]

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