A Reader’s Guide: A Black Woman Did That


A Black Woman Did That, my book about women who have broken barriers, raised the bar in business, art, politics, activism, and leadership to celebrate the brilliance of Black women and inspire all of us to do the great things and solve the big problems we imagine. I’ve been gratified by the response to the book by reader’s and booksellers. And, I’ve been touched by what my family and neighbors locally and around the world are experiencing in this moment, especially our youth who are out of necessity are sheltered-in-place because of the pandemic.


This Reader’s Guide is meant to expand the experience of reading A Black Woman Did That by listening to music,  looking at film, video, and art produced by the women who “did that.” The Reader’s Guide also prompts you to talk with young people about these stories and to write their own story–the most story important of all.

In love, light, and the best of health. Click the link below (publicity 3). Thank you.

–Malaika Adero



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