Malaika’s List

When you’re looking for resources, say an event planner, an artist, a handyman, a book doctor or something else, check out Malaika’s list; a directory of reputable Artists, professionals and service providers. We are constantly updating, so be sure to visit often. And if you have a business or professional service you’d like to recommend to us, please email Renee Brown Walters –


Jahse Photography
14 St. Nicholas Pl.
New York, NY 10031
Highlights: Jahse is a professional artist/Photographer; works with individuals as well as advertisers, collectors etc.
Contact: Jahse at 212-229-0069


Martin the Handy Man
Siding, Roofing Fencing,
Windows and doors
Highlights: Free Estimates
Cell 845-797-0811
Highlights: Slabs, Bar Tops, Table Tops, Benches, Hardwood floors
Contact: Robert A. Rising III 917-242-9612 or



Regina Brooks
Serendipity Literary Agency
305 Gates Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Highlights: Cultivating lasting relationships with new and established authors
Contact: Regina at


KN Literary
A Full Service Book Studio
Contact: Kelly Notaras
Rakia Clark
Freelance Book Editor
Highlights: Works closely with aspiring authors to get their manuscripts and books in shape.
Contact: Rakia at


The Scribe’s Window
Book Development, Coaching, Workshops
Highlights: Helping fiction and nonfiction writers express themselves more clearly, more honestly, and more powerfully through developmental editing, coaching, and workshops.
Principal: Cherise Fisher
Unveiled Ink
Book Development and Editorial Consulting
Highlights:”You have a story. I can help you tell it.”
Contact: Sulay Hernandez at