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A Man on Love, an essay

A Home Slice doesn’t need an annual holiday to express love. So, it’s not that we’re early (for February 14th rituals). We’re about love all the time. Here’s the thoughts of one of the best men I know. He happens to be my brother from the same mother. So, I’m especially proud that he is […]

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Angry Youth meets Urban Yogi

Mantra to the Forgotten Children   By Barbara Bullard   My Tuesday yoga class focused on working from the inside out.  The ancient techniques of yoga are my solace and exorcism.  Holding my downward dog in a heated room with melodic tones is my chosen battleground to release demons and find peace.  This daily routine […]

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Are Dreams More Important to African Americans? by Kristal Brent Zook

Every chance I get, I pull a neurobiologist or psychologist aside and compel him or her to tell me about the latest research on dreams and dreaming. The topic fascinates me. Not long ago I cornered Dr. Loma Flowers, psychiatrist and founder of Equilibrium Dynamics in San Francisco, into a phone interview. Dr. Flowers once […]

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Mining Your Jewels, Finding Your Gifts by Barbara Bullard

“We are each diamonds, waiting to be reclaimed among stones.”  We all have individual gifts, talents and abilities that are our signature. Passing through the birth canal, we enter the world with all that we need. However, at times, our talents are lost within the development to adulthood. As children, we conform to the environment […]

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The Faith of a Tree: Inspiration by Barbara Bullard

  Why can’t we as humans be like an Oak tree, standing firm allowing Mother Nature to provide with total trust in the outcome? In each moment, the tree expands its branches to the sun and its roots embeds in the Earth, with confidence that it will be nourished.  I believe we, as humans, can […]

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New Moon, New You: Reading the Signs

This New Moon Today is a good day to renew—you watchers of astrology know. August 25, 2014 is a new moon and in Virgo. New moons signal a time to launch new thoughts, actions, and feeling. The Virgo energy suggests that I’m on the right course in cleaning my closets, clearing out clutter and re-ordering […]

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Hold On: a survivor’s story

My father ended his life at a time when I’d hope he’d reinvent it. He was just shy of his 43 birthday newly divorced and ready to leave harbored desires to leave his job to start a business of his own. He was a draftsman and a closet artist. I was 22, with my own […]

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2013 Thanksgiving

Everyday is a great day to give thanks–for every and anything–especially today, the American Thanksgiving holiday. The history of the holiday is a study in contrast and contradiction–the present too. But, in the glass half full we have a an official day off and license to eat, drink, hang out with our peeps. Enjoying life […]

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“Do not praise your own faith so exclusively that you disbelieve all the rest; if you do this you will miss much good. Nay, you will fail to realize the truth of the matter. God the omnipresent and the omniscient cannot be confined to one creed for he says in Quran: “where so ever ye […]

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