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Vibrations Cooking Forever: Vertamae Smart Grosvenor, we love you….

Vertamae Smart Grosvenor, one of the most magical human beings to ever grace the planet, transcended September 3, 2016. I got to know her in the beloved community of artist, activists, classical people of New York’s Harlem. I’d been a fan, an acolyte since I read Vibrations Cooking back in the Tennessee of my youth. […]

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How to Be Winning: Handle your Business Growth

Put Down your NoteBook.  And Pick Up your Growth Book. It’s your time to win in business! You know it takes guts, smarts & discipline to succeed. What’s been missing from your business journey are tools that increase your chances of achieving bigger wins quicker. You’ve read the best business books. What you haven’t had […]

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Gathering at Home Slice 2015

Happy Holidays Home Slices. I’m grateful to greet you this 2015 season which has been so full of surprises, lessons and joys. Among the surprises is that I’m writing a book. The details of the project will be revealed later, but I will share some of my process of the shift in my work life […]

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ALT Launches with Peter Kimani’s A Kiss in the Dark

The most important deal a business person will ever close is her first no matter whether you’re a shopkeeper, a restaurant, or in the business of publishing, book and author development such as me. My firm is called Adero’s Literary Tribe/ALT, launched this Summer. Our first accomplishment is a publication deal for Peter Kimani, a […]

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Poetry Woman: Patricia Jabbeh Wesley

So I Stand Here So I stand here, an outsider at the doorpost. They say thresholds are meant to keep   the outsider out, the insider, in, crickets, forever creeping along walls, along the edges   of things. You must first lift your right foot, and then the left, and then enter the hut,   […]

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Margaret Porter’s Harlem Arts Salon

  Margaret Porter of the Harlem Arts Salon, a series which features some of the most celebrated writers, musicians and artists in the world,  has thrived in an international community of artists and creatives for decades. In the tradition of A’Lelia Walker before her Porter opens the home she shares with her husband, Quincy Troupe […]

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Nelson Mandela 1918 – 2013

“During these days of grief, our children will and must see us mourn, but they must also know that we have not suffered a loss. We are not lesser for Tata Mandela’s absence. In his life and story we have inherited a road map for justice and inspiration for equality. We must continue to point […]

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Happy Holy Days

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Notes To The Future

Notes To The Future

Nelson Mandela Notes To The Future. Words Of Wisdom. Introduction by Desmond Tutu
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