New Moon, New You: Reading the Signs

Convent Ave on a summer night.

Convent Ave on a summer night.

This New Moon

Today is a good day to renew—you watchers of astrology know. August 25, 2014 is a new moon and in Virgo. New moons signal a time to launch new thoughts, actions, and feeling. The Virgo energy suggests that I’m on the right course in cleaning my closets, clearing out clutter and re-ordering my space.

This is also as good a time as any to consider a re-launch, a renewal of Home Slice Magazine. I’ve been envisioning a platform to publish and publicize the best of the work I come across in my network of creatives for the benefit of all the many people I meet who are hungry for ideas, images and narratives which have personal meaning. So, HSM’s intention is to offer a space for readers to find their lives reflected and the things they think about when on their own time—free of other people’s agendas.

These are complicated times and that gives us all a lot to think about, including the loss of loved ones from Ruby Dee and Maya Angelou to Eric Gardner and Michael Brown, upheavals in society as well as memorable events of humanity gathering together be it the book fairs, dance conference, music festivals or political demonstrations.

Our lives are rich with a diversity of brilliant, creative people who lead inspiring lives that too often go unnoticed. I have the benefit of living alternately in two cities in different regions (New York and Atlanta) and make a point to travel around the country and the world. I am country and city, Black, Global and American. I want to share what I see, learn and do, and I want to keep up with what you’re doing and interested in to.

The summer of 2014 was defined by dramatic events and big change. You numerology-heads know that the universal year number is 7, a time to self-examine and give more weight to what we believe and value. It is a number associated with the divine in many cultures. We are in a time of extremes, when events seem to turn on a dime, so this reflective vibration is surely just what we need now to deepen our sense of responsibility and help us sort out what’s wrong.

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