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Vibrations Cooking Forever: Vertamae Smart Grosvenor, we love you….

Vertamae Smart Grosvenor, one of the most magical human beings to ever grace the planet, transcended September 3, 2016. I got to know her in the beloved community of artist, activists, classical people of New York’s Harlem. I’d been a fan, an acolyte since I read Vibrations Cooking back in the Tennessee of my youth. […]

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Daddy Come: Memoir of Family by Opal Palmer Adisa

Three images from  Jamaican Men: Father Artist, Father Shopkeeper, Father Artist, also by Opal Palmer Adisa                     Dawn and I were playing by the hedge.  We had picked a handful of red flowers and stuck some in our hair.  Dawn said hibiscus were good for shining shoes.  […]

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CHAIRS By Joan Steinau Lester

Chairs I have sat in.  They’re usually too big, those conference table chairs at editorial meetings I attend, or seats set in a row for panelists at author events, with a copy of our latest book propped on the long table in front of us. It’s difficult to be one of the “important people” in […]

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