Summertime Soul Food Suppers: Home Slice Style

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The food we ate at home was great on the big holidays of fall, winter and spring, and any given Sunday. But, food taste best to me in the summertime. I like food cooked outdoors in the open air: the live fire and smoke enhanced the flavor and the blow of the heat was easier to manage. And I liked cold food and drink, only in the heat. I rarely even have a cold dessert once winter sets in.

Food is fundamental to culture and therefore a big part of what this Home Slice Magazine online platform is focused on. We’re honored to have creative professionals such as Stefanie Kelly contribute to our editorial pages and want to grow from here to not only publishing unique voices and perspectives on food culture, but produce events that engage our readers and communities face-to-face and plate-to-plate.

Our first Home Slice Soul Food Dinner is happening August 12th in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a pop-up restaurant/salon, featuring chef and food writer Stefanie Kelly in dialogue with me, and a few dozen or more lovers of good food, good conversation and summer evenings at this  in-home gathering.

Our intention is to produce a series of small intimate Home Slice salons in different cities and different venues. So, stay in touch. Please register at Home Slice to be added to invite lists when where creating a happening where you are. – Malaika Adero


Home Slice Soul Food Supper

Vine City in Atlanta, August 12, 2017


Jerk Shrimp Salad

Lime vinaigrette*


Jerk Chicken


Grilled vegetables with Soy Champagne dressing

            Eggplant/Zucchini/Yellow Squash

String beans

Succotash (beans onions and herbs)


Seared berries with crème fraiche


 Sangria (citruses, apples and cherries)

Fixed Price $40.00


Photo by Imani Uzuri

Photo by Imani Uzuri



Ms. Kelly started out in the kitchens of the west coast, first @ Angeli Mare, helmed by chef/author (‘Pasta Rustica’, ‘Cucina Rustica) Evan Klienman.  Once returned to her hometown NY, she went on to work @ Union Square Cafe, Aqua Grill, Soul Cafe & Brooklyn Moon & others while running her catering business. In her 28 years of cooking in various kitchens, both private & public, she has fed heads of state such as the Sarkozys of France, Ariel Sharon of Israel & was the private chef for the daughter of Princess Sunny Von Bulow.  Fine food & it’s preparation has taken Chef Stefanie Kelly all over the world, as recently as 2015, when she toured w/Grammy Award Winner D’angelo through US & Europe.


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