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ALT Launches with Peter Kimani’s A Kiss in the Dark

The most important deal a business person will ever close is her first no matter whether you’re a shopkeeper, a restaurant, or in the business of publishing, book and author development such as me. My firm is called Adero’s Literary Tribe/ALT, launched this Summer. Our first accomplishment is a publication deal for Peter Kimani, a […]

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NEGRITA: an excerpt of a memoir by Anita Diggs

By the time I was sixteen years old, I had been thrown out of two different high schools for truancy. I decided not to try school again but vowed to get my GED someday. In my mother’s house, you either worked or went to school. So, I got a job as a McDonalds cashier on […]

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This Thing We Have with Royalty

Lost Worlds, an essay – I’ve always had a fascination with kingdoms. As a child in Nigeria, one of my earliest memories is of storytellers holding court before gatherings of excitable children, sharing tales of larger than life characters in kingdoms that always inevitably ended up toppled, to kids with fruit smeared mouths held rapt […]

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Salt, from a memoir by Milton Washington

Rarely did I wake before the rooster’s crow. But on that particular morning my eyes opened at least an hour before sunrise as my mother lay fast asleep next to me on the clay floor of our village home. It wasn’t a bad dream or the bitter South Korean cold that woke me, but rather, […]

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Vegas by Irenosen Okojie

Home Slice Lit Series Home Slice is thrilled to launch a series of contemporary creative writing with Irenosen Okojie. This London-based Nigerian writes short fiction that is the literary equivalent of knock out punch the senses. And, her opinion pieces on the lack of diversity in London’s literary realm refreshingly honest. We will be featuring […]

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Gillian’s Jamaica

    Say Jamaica to most Americans and the first thing that comes to mind is vacation, beach, sun, alcoholic drinks with wedges of pineapple, Rastas, Reggae and Bob Marley. All is true, but you don’t have to live there to know how much more there is to say about this complex and varied nation […]

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Writing & Life: A New Chapter Begins with the Fall of Saints

Working with Wanjiku wa Ngugi on her debut novel is exciting for me, but I long for an opportunity for us to meet and talk face-to-face. In the meantime, she generously agreed to an email interview, allowing me to learn more about her fascinating life and family. Your father and brother are creative writers, what […]

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Wombs for Hire: Is This Parenthood in the 21st Century?

  by Wanjiku wa Ngugi “Indeed somewhere in our psyche we have made it okay to trade in babies. As we do with corn and flowers, only perhaps the laws for transporting food from country A to B are probably more stringent.” Somewhere in America, a couple responds to an advertisement. Weeks later hurled in […]

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Red Rhumba Santiago-Style

My 15 days in Cuba year before last, made for one of the most important personal travel experiences I’ve ever had. My group benefitted from 3 dance and a song class each day for 10 days, including Orisha dance, Rhumba, and Son. More to come…

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Collection of photos from Jamaica.
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