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Blood on E. 5th Street, from Autobiography of the Lower East Side by Rashidah Ismaili

  “This well established poet makes a brilliant debut in fiction with these complex, poetically detailed, interrelated stories of Blacks from Africa, the Caribbean and the USA who converge and form an artistic community in the early 1960s in the most easterly regions of Alphabet City .” –David Henderson, author of ‘Scuse Me While I […]

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Snapper: short fiction by Irenosen Okojie

Snapper by Irenosen Okojie   I’m scooping up a broken map of fish bones from my soup when you say “It’s great, honestly, you should see the craftsmanship on this thing! And God knows how old it is.” We’re sitting in Lazzaria restaurant, complete with dim lighting, cabaret style setting, deep red velvet curtains and […]

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Vegas by Irenosen Okojie

Home Slice Lit Series Home Slice is thrilled to launch a series of contemporary creative writing with Irenosen Okojie. This London-based Nigerian writes short fiction that is the literary equivalent of knock out punch the senses. And, her opinion pieces on the lack of diversity in London’s literary realm refreshingly honest. We will be featuring […]

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Brothas Be, Yo Like George: Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard on You?

  Brothas Be, Yo Like George: Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard on You?   Nothing like music to bring out the character you were in your coming-of-age.  The most poised, professional and cool can lose all that at the sound of their song from back in the day. Want to see me revert to type, […]

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Gillian’s Jamaica

    Say Jamaica to most Americans and the first thing that comes to mind is vacation, beach, sun, alcoholic drinks with wedges of pineapple, Rastas, Reggae and Bob Marley. All is true, but you don’t have to live there to know how much more there is to say about this complex and varied nation […]

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Telling Time: Morowa Yejide, author of Time of the Locust

                            I’m an explorer of the wonders of human behavior. If the world was comprised of five doors that read “Who, What, Where, When, and Why,” I would walk through the door that reads “Why.” My fictional family in Time of the […]

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A Now & Later Man: Novelist Marcus Guillory

  On Becoming an Author Publishing a book feels like getting tapped for some secret society.  For the past seven years, anytime I was near a bookstore, I would go in, find the fiction section then have a moment of silence right at the spot where my book would be placed. I did this every […]

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Sisterfriend & Spirit Guide Pearl Cleage

Today is one of those where my personal background and professional work converge in a special and satisfying way. Pearl Cleage, bestselling novelist and one of America’s most popular playwrights, has a new book on the market, a memoir, and I am the lucky editor who acquired it for Atria Books. This is her first […]

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Poetry Woman: Patricia Jabbeh Wesley

So I Stand Here So I stand here, an outsider at the doorpost. They say thresholds are meant to keep   the outsider out, the insider, in, crickets, forever creeping along walls, along the edges   of things. You must first lift your right foot, and then the left, and then enter the hut,   […]

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Resembling a Revolutionary: My Sister Toni Cade Bambara

  By Malaika Adero The cover art on The Black Woman, an anthology, was enough –a face the color of Earth, a halo of African hair, semi-precious-gem eyes, aimed forward and confident.  I was a teenaged Black girl in love with– the mind travel and time travel that is—reading and The Black Woman was a […]

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