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The Eye of JAHSE

        “In a time when so much of a people’s understanding, so much of what people consider themselves to know is being gathered from one controlled source. I thought it necessary to speak to that. I felt it necessary to consider nonparticipation, an unplug from the matrix.” JAHSE is an artist “who […]

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Celebrating the Legacy of Amiri Baraka

“The Djali is not the “Town Crier,” he is the Town Laugher.” –Amiri Baraka   When Amiri Baraka recently transcended he left a body of work that will carry us who celebrate it for generations to come, but in the short term a hole in the whole of contemporary American culture. As poet, essayist, playwright, […]

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Wunmi Music Wows

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A Look at Harlem Arts Salon

Quincy Troupe’s latest include a collection of poetry: Errancities(Coffee House Press 2012 $16) and Earl the Pearl: My Story Earl Monroe with Quincy Troupe. (Rodale Press 2013 $27.99)

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Margaret Porter’s Harlem Arts Salon

  Margaret Porter of the Harlem Arts Salon, a series which features some of the most celebrated writers, musicians and artists in the world,  has thrived in an international community of artists and creatives for decades. In the tradition of A’Lelia Walker before her Porter opens the home she shares with her husband, Quincy Troupe […]

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Red Rhumba Santiago-Style

My 15 days in Cuba year before last, made for one of the most important personal travel experiences I’ve ever had. My group benefitted from 3 dance and a song class each day for 10 days, including Orisha dance, Rhumba, and Son. More to come…

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CHAIRS By Joan Steinau Lester

Chairs I have sat in.  They’re usually too big, those conference table chairs at editorial meetings I attend, or seats set in a row for panelists at author events, with a copy of our latest book propped on the long table in front of us. It’s difficult to be one of the “important people” in […]

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it ain’t like we don’t

Jessica Care Moore, Detroit-based poet and publisher and CEO of Care Moore Press.

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Calendar of events

The best upcoming events
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Interview with John Baker

John Baker interview at Wessyngton on Tennessee Crossroads

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