Mining Your Jewels, Finding Your Gifts by Barbara Bullard

“We are each diamonds, waiting to be reclaimed among stones.” 

We all have individual gifts, talents and abilities that are our signature. Passing through the birth canal, we enter the world with all that we need. However, at times, our talents are lost within the development to adulthood. As children, we conform to the environment retrieving bits and pieces of thoughts and desires of others, not understanding how to filter these thoughts in order to retain our own identity. We lose sight of ourselves, and the discernment to choose our own path. But, I am thrilled to remind you that, you can regain your insight.  Your unique gifts are still within you, even if it lies among the rubble. We are each diamonds, waiting to be reclaimed among stones.

Each of us has special abilities, but we sometimes must ask for those gifts to be revealed.  If you’re one who isn’t certain of what your gift are, let me suggest methods to uncover what you’re looking for.  One is meditation. Quiet the internal chatter in your head and release what is sometimes called the “monkey mind”.  Releasing the chatter removes distractions so our own deep ideas, thoughts and feelings can rise up. A distraction could be the loud conversation of a person nearby you or the sound of traffic outside.  You’re listening unwillingly due to proximity. But, you don’t have to allow it to high-jack your thoughts.

Lowering your eyelids going within, breathing deeply, calming down the body and mind, allows oxygen to flow through the body releasing heaviness and distractions. Deep breathing also releases toxins and anxiety. This practice allows you to set the intention to release what you don’t want in your life. Slowing down the mind and body provides an opportunity for rest, reflection and detoxification.  And so, in the moment you can become clearer in your ideas and recognize the opportunities that may arise. You have now laid the stepping-stones for finding your gifts.

Another method to discover your gifts: keep a journal. Carry it with you, keep it near your bed, anywhere that makes it easy for you to grab when thoughts come forth. The journal is your safe space to release fears, anger, self-hatred–the negative thoughts–and to acknowledge positive ones as well such as gratitude, love, compassion. The journal can be a plain spiral notebook or leather bound with a ribbon bookmark. It’s up to you. The point is to use what feels good to you, is comfortable for you.  Personalize it, inside and out–with flowers and smiley faces. Whatever you like. This is your excavation tool or a way to dig out that which is deep inside you.

As you dig deeper, stones of the past will be uncovered.  There may be, for example, childhood memories of activities you liked to do or recurring moments that you were not permitted to do which made you happy. Those memories can hold the key to unlocking your passions. Find your passion and then you can reclaim your joy.  That, which makes you joyful, is your gift.

Here’s another process: imagine a beautiful golden shovel with your name elegantly inscribed on it. Imagine that it’s in your hands, with a firm grip.  Dig deep with it and visualize a vibrant diamond, glowing with anticipation of this moment. Look at that diamond as a reflection of your beauty, your fortitude, your reasoning. Now see yourself shining. It is you who lights the world.


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