The Faith of a Tree: Inspiration by Barbara Bullard

Trees are Orisha too

Trees are Orisha too


Why can’t we as humans be like an Oak tree, standing firm allowing Mother Nature to provide with total trust in the outcome? In each moment, the tree expands its branches to the sun and its roots embeds in the Earth, with confidence that it will be nourished.  I believe we, as humans, can acquire the faith of a tree.

Through seasonal change, the tree stands and so can we.  The tree maintains faithfulness in its stance, during sunshine, rain and blizzards.  If we stand, like the tree, through joys, pain and fears, we allow our environment to do what it does so well, support us. But, we must set the intention of what we need to heal in our own lives.

The tree has light receptors in its leaves, receiving nutrients from the sunlight. It continues to expand its branches toward the sun, even on cloudy days. However, before the tree develops into a tree, it is a seedling that sprouts only after it is exposed to light. Accepting the light in our lives by interacting with positive people and placing ourselves in positive environments can support healing of our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body, setting the stage for growth and expansion. As we hold the vibration of light and love in our hearts, stress is reduced which affects our entire being.  Embracing ourselves with love initiates the process of healing.  Through this gentle shift, toxins are removed, preparing for a life more filled with balance.

The shift occurs in stillness.  Just like the tree, as we stand in stillness we can reevaluate our lives determining what we want and/or do not want.  Within the stillness, clarity comes.  An opportunity for developing a new relationship with ourselves may arise in that moment, allowing the light within to offer a space for healing of despair, anxiety and fears.

One of my favorite trees at Jake’s.

The tree accepts transformation.  Sometimes we must let go of things that we have grown out of to receive our new life, like the tree.  As we willingly shift, our fears will lessen and our revitalized strength will become clear. Keep in mind on the path of self-transformation that there may be people in your life that are not able to accept the new you. However, you will never be alone.  Like the foundation of Mother Earth, there will be those who will remain on the journey with you, offering encouragement. It just may be the person sitting next to you on the subway or standing on the checkout line at the grocery store, saying, “Good Morning”, with a smile.

The tree is able to balance positive and negative interaction, depending upon the environment. During drought, causing stunted growth and sometimes death, an oak tree has the capability to recover if it’s planted deeply in healthy soil.   As we ground ourselves in an environment of positivity, accessing a gentle progression of faithfulness, stillness and transformation we are able to exclusively create our own roadmap toward healing, growth and self-discovery.

Barbara Bullard


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    Loved the essay.

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    Very inspiring. Thank you Barbara

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    Very nice indeed …. PeAce

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