Welcome to Home Slice

welcome291x120Welcome to Home Slice, the online magazine, a space for readers, viewers, and listeners looking for the stories, information and inspiration that mass media can at best deliver in quick hits.  Our intention is to publish words and images that give you a reason to linger because it’s thoughtful, smart and entertaining.

Home slice: slang for a person with whom you can kick back, be relaxed and get real

Our goal is to become a virtual community center where you can satisfy a practical need, e.g. how to grow food in the city; or, a spiritual need—a brilliant poem.

As a veteran editor, I’ve had the privilege to work with and befriend scores of brilliant writers, thinkers, creatives and leaders on book length work. Home Slice is a platform for the work they do which is not book length and the passions they have outside of their main profession. So, look forward to brilliant familiar and new names on the by-lines here.

We’re launching the site in my favorite season. When we’re out of doors the most and more relaxed in how we dress, eat and enjoy culture and creature comforts. This is the spirit of hope to carry throughout the year: Summertime when the living is Home Slice.

- Malaika Adero
Publisher & Creative Director