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Everybody Wants to go to Havana: Cuba Journal 2017, part 1

Everybody wants to go to Cuba. And, there dozens of reasons why we would. The island nation has blue waters, golden beaches, lush green mountains and a rich cultural heritage. The music and dance of Cuba alone has long been one of its biggest exports around the world. I took a trip there this Fall, […]

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Outside the Tin Palace: A photograph, 1976 by Patricia Spears Jones

photo by Amos Rice

Outside the Tin Palace: A photograph, 1976 This exploration of the 1970s started with a photograph—a way into memory or mystery.  I can’t remember why we gathered.  I do remember that I was still dating Victor so very handsome, my second Afro-Puerto Rican boyfriend.  He introduced me to Salsa, and published my David Murray poem […]

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