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A Reader’s Guide: A Black Woman Did That

  A Black Woman Did That, my book about women who have broken barriers, raised the bar in business, art, politics, activism, and leadership to celebrate the brilliance of Black women and inspire all of us to do the great things and solve the big problems we imagine. I’ve been gratified by the response to […]

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My Black Dance: Work-in-Progress on the Legacy

                Dance & music are inseparable have been one of passions of mine from the first beats of my heart. Yes. I believe that these universal languages are recognized by our soul and spirit long before intellect is developed. When I heard music as a child, I moved. […]

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Sisterfriend & Spirit Guide Pearl Cleage

Today is one of those where my personal background and professional work converge in a special and satisfying way. Pearl Cleage, bestselling novelist and one of America’s most popular playwrights, has a new book on the market, a memoir, and I am the lucky editor who acquired it for Atria Books. This is her first […]

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