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A Now & Later Man: Novelist Marcus Guillory

  On Becoming an Author Publishing a book feels like getting tapped for some secret society.  For the past seven years, anytime I was near a bookstore, I would go in, find the fiction section then have a moment of silence right at the spot where my book would be placed. I did this every […]

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Losing My Hair Regained My Balance by Nicole Counts

Water was deep in my ears and trickled down the sides of my face as I continued to scrub my hair in the small bathroom sink, when I heard him say “hey.” He brushed past me, his hand grazing my back. I couldn’t tell whether it was intentional or not, but his touch made a […]

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Sisterfriend & Spirit Guide Pearl Cleage

Today is one of those where my personal background and professional work converge in a special and satisfying way. Pearl Cleage, bestselling novelist and one of America’s most popular playwrights, has a new book on the market, a memoir, and I am the lucky editor who acquired it for Atria Books. This is her first […]

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Poetry Woman: Patricia Jabbeh Wesley

So I Stand Here So I stand here, an outsider at the doorpost. They say thresholds are meant to keep   the outsider out, the insider, in, crickets, forever creeping along walls, along the edges   of things. You must first lift your right foot, and then the left, and then enter the hut,   […]

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Writing & Life: A New Chapter Begins with the Fall of Saints

Working with Wanjiku wa Ngugi on her debut novel is exciting for me, but I long for an opportunity for us to meet and talk face-to-face. In the meantime, she generously agreed to an email interview, allowing me to learn more about her fascinating life and family. Your father and brother are creative writers, what […]

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The Eye of JAHSE

        “In a time when so much of a people’s understanding, so much of what people consider themselves to know is being gathered from one controlled source. I thought it necessary to speak to that. I felt it necessary to consider nonparticipation, an unplug from the matrix.” JAHSE is an artist “who […]

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Margaret Porter’s Harlem Arts Salon

  Margaret Porter of the Harlem Arts Salon, a series which features some of the most celebrated writers, musicians and artists in the world,  has thrived in an international community of artists and creatives for decades. In the tradition of A’Lelia Walker before her Porter opens the home she shares with her husband, Quincy Troupe […]

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Hold On: a survivor’s story

My father ended his life at a time when I’d hope he’d reinvent it. He was just shy of his 43 birthday newly divorced and ready to leave harbored desires to leave his job to start a business of his own. He was a draftsman and a closet artist. I was 22, with my own […]

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it ain’t like we don’t

Jessica Care Moore, Detroit-based poet and publisher and CEO of Care Moore Press.

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Collection of photos from Jamaica.
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