Spiritual Tools for Making 2015 Work


Decades ago, friends introduced me to a woman named Vera Key, a spiritual advisor with the gift of clairvoyance and clairaudience and a deep commitment to God, love, and spiritual traditions including and beyond the Christianity her family taught her. Living now in her native Georgia, she has lived in various places in the U.S. from Alaska & California to Maryland and the other side of the world, in India.

I need mentors and maps, guides to navigate life and teachers who suggest how I use the information. Among my teachers are spiritualist, metaphysicians, ministers, priests, adepts, everyday people. My conversations over the years with them have been invaluable. Listening to them with my whole being key.  So, here in Home Slice I’m going to share some of what they share with me.

The most important lesson I’ve learned from her example and her words is the importance of quiet time. In solitude and enough internal and external quiet, we can often receive all the answers we need to get through our days and our years. So, I make a point of the start of the year and as much as I can on a daily basis to be quiet, to still myself and let the important feelings and thoughts rise up.

After that, I have a conversation with Vera about the spiritual weather forecast,  looking at the numerological and astrological indicators, as well as the messages she’s received from Spirit.

Add up the digits 2, 0, 1, 5 and you get 8. This is how to determine what is called the Universal Number for any given year. This number indicates the big ideas or the vibe that override our collect experiences.

The Number 8 

The mood of 2014, a number 7 year was more contemplative, a  more private time to “clean house” in preparation for this year which Vera points is transformative on a personal and societal level.

The time is right for big political and social change. Saturn in Sagittarius also suggest new currents in politics and the economy. I take that as a good omen for us turning up are efforts for improving education and international affairs (also Sagittarian concerns), laws and employment. And yes, the Black Lives Matter movement is right on time.

We’re now in a more energetic phase, the big idea is power balanced with generosity, our ability to carry out our plans and pursue our goals in a spirit of service to others. “Changes will take place on a deep level and in a big way affecting many people, not just a few or for a short time. This is about long term change. There’s been a shift in thinking. People are not so confident in old views.”

“Many won’t like the changes at first, but ultimately what happens will be for the better.”

“This is a good financial year. People will make more money. Businesses will need to hire, not lay-off, in order to succeed.”

You can boil the theme of 2015 down to three words if you like: Respect, Power, Money. But, year in and year out, no matter what our belief system, the fundamentals of life are the same. We are here to learn and to love.

Happy 2015 to you. I’ll be talking with and publishing Vera’s work throughout the year.  Keep in mind the words of  one of Vera’s beloved teachers is Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev of India, quoted above.


It does not matter what kind of spiritual experiences you have had, it is of no consequence. What transformation the experience brings is what matters. Unless it brings about a transformation in you, experiences are of no consequence, whatever is your experience. It is not that you have to aspire to transform yourself. If you imbibe, transformation happens. Not everyone is able to get the same amount of nourishment though they eat the same food. It is a medical fact. Similarly, not everyone imbibes the same volume of anything that is given to them in the same atmosphere. Two children grow up in the same family in divergent ways. One goes this way, another goes that way, with the same inputs.” –Sadhguru


for more on the astrological forecast, check www.astrologyzone.com

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