Kundalini Cooking

kundalini Cooking by Stefanie Kelly is for Home Slice. She blends food with spirituality... Click image to see more

kundalini Cooking

The first rule of kundalini cooking is this:

your tongue is a magical tool.
food = magical ingredients.
when eating for kundalini/manifestation, visualize the area of your body/life that you are stimulating & imagine/visualize the food literally feeding that chakra.
  1. Shakti is the primordial creative force of the Universe that lives as The Goddess, Kundalini Shakti. Shakti Ultimately desires to be united with Her Divine Cosmic Lover, Shiva, who resides at the top of the brain in the crown chakra.
  2. The Great Serpent Power, Kundalini, lies coiled, three and 1 half times around our tail bones and can be aroused spontaneously by different means. This is known as a Kundalini Awakening
  3. The Microcosmic Orbit is a main energetic circuit that nourishes all the channels and meridians in the body.
  4. The Functional Channel starts at the tailbone and moves up past the genitals, stomach, heart, and throat-and ends at the tip of the tongue.
  5. The Governor channel also starts at the tailbone but moves up through the spine into the brain and terminates at the roof of the mouth.
  6. The tongue is like a switch that connects the two streams of energy.


  1. mooldhara: root place red/black: survival/elimination – spicy beet salad w/roast garlic, matsutake mushrooms e.o. bk pepper, & balsamic vin
  2.  swadisthana: place of one’s abode 2nd chakra reproductive – orange salmon/neroli/sake/butter/bitter oj
  3. manipura: city of sparkling jewels digestion/analysis – in feng shui, this is the taichi – sacral? chakra, yellow: adrenals/power/ego spiced yellow dal w/shallots miso, yll. onions, yll. peppers, yll. toms
  4. anahata: unstuck/heart – creative expression/emotion/love: watermelon/cucumber salad
  5. vishudh: throat/thyroid – purification/communication: e-3live caesar, bluefish wrapped in kombu w/seaweed kelp flake seasoning
  6. ajna: pineal/pituitatry gland/nervous system: command – lavender/lemon tea bread lavender is calming
  7.  sahasrara: third eye/base of brain: – clarity tremmella/agar/irish sea moss pudding w/coconut water for beauty/detox seared scallops
jai ma!!!

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