The Eye of JAHSE







“In a time when so much of a people’s understanding, so much of what people consider themselves to know is being gathered from one controlled source. I thought it necessary to speak to that. I felt it necessary to consider nonparticipation, an unplug from the matrix.”

JAHSE is an artist “who uses photography as a tool to express and communicate with the outside world, and myself.” He defines art as “the testament to a feeling” and functions as “the dialogue that often does not occur in the world. It is the job of the artist to get down under the surface and bring out expressions, feelings, thoughts that otherwise may have gone unexpressed or released in an unproductive way.”

He took his “first darkroom class as a child during a summer program at a school called Francis Parker. I’ve always had an affinity for images, painting, murals, graffiti. My parents raised me to be an artist.”



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