Gathering at Home Slice 2015

Happy Holidays Home Slices. I’m grateful to greet you this 2015 season which has been so full of surprises, lessons and joys.

Among the surprises is that I’m writing a book. The details of the project will be revealed later, but I will share some of my process of the shift in my work life from corporate executive to independent writer, editor and publisher.

Home Slice lifestyle magazine continues as my most fun and free endeavor, maintaining a space for a variety of interesting literary voices to shine. The Home Slice spotlight is small be comparison, but great writers such as Patricia Spears Jones and Irenosen Okojie, bring their own light. I’m grateful for the readers who found their work on HS and gave us positive feedback.

Stefanie Kelly is a favorite among Home Slice voices, bringing together her intelligence on food, spirituality, sensuality and social insight. She not only delivered a new wonderful piece for the mag, but joined my household for Thanksgiving dinner.

I roasted a turkey breast, made cornbread dressing, fresh cranberry sauce, collard & kale, yellow beets and carrots. Water melon and cucumber lemon water to cleanse the pallet. Stefanie demonstrated the right and proper way to make brown gravy, threw down on her famous salmon, and give me some tips on reduction that made the cranberry sauce my best ever. Poet Patricia Spears Jones was in the house with a bottle of Piper Heidsieck Champagne, sweet potato pie—her mom’s recipe—and her latest volume of poetry: A Lucent Fire. Rochel Herbert brought the sweet spiciness of her candor, humor and sisterly love.

My blood family shared our love and menus by way of telephone, text and social media. We look forward to being together in-person again, in the years to come. But, know that for now, even distance does not keep us apart. I’m grateful for Family and Friends. We made it to go another round of the track of life, fueled on soul food, funk culture and love.

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