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Wombs for Hire: Is This Parenthood in the 21st Century?

  by Wanjiku wa Ngugi “Indeed somewhere in our psyche we have made it okay to trade in babies. As we do with corn and flowers, only perhaps the laws for transporting food from country A to B are probably more stringent.” Somewhere in America, a couple responds to an advertisement. Weeks later hurled in […]

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Red Rhumba Santiago-Style

My 15 days in Cuba year before last, made for one of the most important personal travel experiences I’ve ever had. My group benefitted from 3 dance and a song class each day for 10 days, including Orisha dance, Rhumba, and Son. More to come…

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Collection of photos from Jamaica.
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Notes To The Future

Notes To The Future

Nelson Mandela Notes To The Future. Words Of Wisdom. Introduction by Desmond Tutu
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In The Name Of The Family

Dated 1867, this documents the honorable discharge of Grundy Crump, my mother’s Great Grandfather, from the Union Army. He worked as a blacksmith before and during the war.

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