A Man on Love, an essay

A Home Slice doesn’t need an annual holiday to express love. So, it’s not that we’re early (for February 14th rituals). We’re about love all the time. Here’s the thoughts of one of the best men I know. He happens to be my brother from the same mother. So, I’m especially proud that he is a thoughtful loving man.

by Robert Roebuck

What is love?   Love is sometimes described as an overwhelming feeling of deep affection, but its so much more. Love is like air–you cannot see it, you can only see and feel its effects.   Sometimes love is like a nice pleasant breeze that feels really good. At other times you get the turbulence of love, as destructive as any tornado.

The universe has a certain rhythmic flow. When you are not in tune, or in rhythm with that flow life is more difficult, and less productive. Love is the heartbeat driving that flow– the drummer so to speak.

Love can not fail. Remember, God is love. He described Himself, saying I am that I am. Love is that it is. There is no exact definition. Relationships–marriage, and friendship–do sometimes fail, no matter how a couple love one another. We are human and being human comes with character flaws like jealousy, envy, and hate. But, it’s not the love that fails. It is more faith that we’re lacking. Love can conquer all, if you have faith. Keep the faith and keep the beat like a drummer.

Psalm 46:10 says, “be still and know that I am God.” He could have said as well, be still and know that I am Love. He gives us the opportunity to re-sync with the love that is He, to get back on beat and in rhythm with that flow of life. When two people attracted to each other began to spend enough time together, they can get in rhythm together. That’s where falling in love happens.  Love and happiness. Except when you two get out of sync. That can be devastating, unbearably painful. But remember if you have a really bad break up, lose a loved one, or a friend, the joy and happiness that you felt did not come from the person that you lost. Love is always there even when the object of love is not. Your joy and happiness always has and always will come from God. (The great I AM). Which brings us back to the beginning, what is love?  God is, so keep the faith and never give up on yourself and on love.

Robert Robert is a Patient’s Representative at Fort Sanders Hospital’s Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. He is a father of two fantastic young women and grandfather of three.

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